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The StemX group has been at the forefront of delivering regenerative medicine procedures.

Our team of doctors are committed to making chronic joint pain a thing of the past. We start by getting to know you and your medical history, followed by a few simple tests to determine the best course of treatment for you.

Procedural Support CA

Once you have begun your recommended course of treatment, our medical team will follow your progress with regular visits to address any further concerns you may have pertaining to recovery and daily activities.

The StemX process is transparent and hassle-free with regular checkups on your comfort and progress. Schedule a free consultation to see how we can help.

Test Sample Collection
StemX Regenerative Evaluation


Our team will begin by assessing your health history, current medications, and prior treatments to determine the best treatment options for you.
StemX Regenerative Evaluation


We use/utilize MRI and ultrasound to help us evaluate the damage and degeneration in the affected joint.
Regenerative Treatment


Treatment options for your condition will be explained in detail by your doctor along with pre and post-treatment instructions.

Other Services:

Outside of insurance covers, we offer the following therapies. Our clinicians will go over these treatment plans with you in detail after your evaluation.


We are really with you, all the way. Post-treatment, we will conduct regular follow-ups to monitor your healing and may offer other treatments to boost the regenerative process. Typically, you can see results in 6 months or less depending on your age and other factors that are key to recovery.

Changed your mind after a consultation?

Not a problem.

There is no obligation to continue with treatment following the complimentary consultation.