The Miracle of Growth Factors!

Growth factors based therapy is widely used in orthopedics. Growth factor therapy has the potential to improve healing for a broad range of connective tissue injuries.

Growth factors  are made up of “Good” Cytokines which are protein molecules secreted by various cells. These molecules are the architects of cell repair.

There are also bad Cytokines.These bad cytokines cause pain, swelling, and typically cell death.  If you are suffering from osteoarthritis the chances are that your symptoms are caused by bad cytokines, (IL-1 or IL-6).

In Regenerative Growth Factor Therapy we are trying to counteract these bad cytokines by injecting good cytokines to reverse the damage and to start rebuilding the joint, tissue or tendon.

Growth factors act as anti-inflammatories and reverse the inflammation caused by bad cytokines. If a significant inflammatory response is present than repair will be slowed or diminished. In addition to modulating the inflammation, the good cytokines actually help repair the tissue.

Growth Factors are a natural and effective therapy and used for treating, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, tennis elbow, osteoarthritis and more. It is also used as a booster in combination with Stem Cell Therapy.

Visit us at to learn more about our growth factor injections. We use Surgenex SurFactor® which is a minimally manipulated injectable amniotic tissue allograft product for our growth factor regenerative medicine procedures.